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First Orders Out!

Imani Halal’s officially back, BACK! Yaaaaaaay!

Today I went to the post office and sent out the first orders since our relaunch last week. The whole process of “Promote-Sell-Deliver” with our incense in a time like COVID and American-Fractionism, can only be described as “beyond humbling”.

From doing my first Early Access promo exclusively on Facebook and Instagram and utilizing the Facebook Live feature to sell. A great live experiment for myself as a multi-business owner and you all as my diverse and savvy Smell Good customers…

To troubleshooting online orders and website functionality so customers could simply place orders (my bad on that again y’all, and thank Allah for Shopify being the “X Factor” to save the day).

To waiting till today (Monday 12/28/2020) to go to the closest Post Office and send out the unfulfilled orders while avoiding the holiday rush, and arriving to the Post Office where the line was out the lobby….with two clerks who had looked like if they see Santa walk in, this man’s getting smacked on site…of course with a mask on cause, you know, pandemic (safety first). Sarcasm aside, everyone was in a holiday funk and looking overwhelmed, and I was a little worried because I didn’t want you all’s packages to get lost in the shuffle. But what can you do?

It’s humbling to know people want to support my Baba’s legacy of fragrance making. As a kid, I went to the flea markets with him and learned how to sell goods. And when we got home, I saw how he would make them in his basement setup (so the oil smells wouldn’t fill up the house full of the family with allergies to everything).

It’s also humbling to be reminded of the process of all the moving parts of getting our incense and fragrance oil products to you. The people that made and update WordPress, the software used to make the site your reading on right now. The people that made and update Shopify, THE e-commerce software I’m now using to sell on this website with no unneeded tech-hassles like I ran into this weekend using one of their competitors. The people that work at the USPS Post Office like my friend Kaye (who was also awesome by the way for basically beta-testing the website on the fly while interviewing me about Imani Halal), that have been overworked before the holidays since COVID, and have a crazy ass challenge to face with low staff and customers leaving for their competitor Amazon (which can also sell products…Post Office can’t….I mean you ain’t walking around with an official Post Office eagle hoodie are you?)

This is a gratitude blog post. Just thankful to Allah for our customers, our supporters, our 3rd parties that help the machine run. And thankful we’re still here. Not just as a business, but as living people.

Till next time ’round the cyber-parts. Salaams,

Baba Das

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